About Us

Our brand name PROHAPI is formed by combining Pro-Hapi. The Pro stands for pursuit whereas Hapi stands for happiness which resents our drive to pursue the highest quality products and customer care to ensure the happiness of our customers.

PROHAPI was started by two college students that wanted to make sure that everyone had access to high-quality sports and outdoor equipment so that people could enjoy reasonably priced products that our customers can be happy with.

Every great idea is thought to overcome a certain problem. In our case, it was the high prices and low quality of products that were being sold online and offline. As college students that were into sports, we felt that customers weren’t getting their money’s worth.

We believe that we can make products that will truly help make life easier for our customers and improve the way they live their lives. After each purchase, we provide extensive customer support and make sure that all your needs are met and questions answered.

Each product we make is thoroughly tested to be high quality, highly functional and high cost-effective which is why we can confidently say that with us you never have to worry about being let down – Ever!